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The internet has revolutionized the concept of cricket betting in India as now anyone can bet on any cricket match and/or any cricket team just sitting in front of their computer.

All that’s required for online cricket betting is a computer and an internet connection and!

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Here at we give you inside information about cricket betting online in India. Read our latest news and fixures about the upcoming cricket matches, cricket sportsbooks and where to place your cricket bets!

Cricket Betting Tips
Cricket is one of the best games to bet on as it is both a competitive and lucrative sport to bet on. With so many cricket games being played at any point of time, there is always a game you can bet on. However the secret to winning at cricket betting lies in these cricket betting tips.

1. First of all, you have to choose a reputable sportsbook for your online cricket betting. The bookmaker should not only be a licensed and registered one, but should also provide coverage in the market you are looking for. If you plan on betting on the Ashes, choose a online bookmaker that provides maximum coverage here.

2. Next, you should find a sportsbook you understand, and can use to place bets. It is important that you know and understand cricket betting online odds to place bets. To do this, you should keep abreast with everything that happens with the respective cricket teams, venue, players’ strengths and weather conditions.

3. In fact, while placing bets, it’s not team colors and names that matter; it’s the odds. Sometimes, betting on the underdog team may seem the right decision as it can lead to a large winning for you if they win the match. However if you consider the odds, betting on the team that is likely to win is the safer option.

4. Visit forums and message boards about cricket betting sites so that you can find out if there are any negative remarks about any cricket betting online sites. People who have been duped of their money generally post remarks to warn others about such sites.

5. Be careful while placing your online cricket bets as you should not end up bankrupt because of your bets. It is generally advised ot bet at a maximum, 1-2% of your payroll and not more. This way the chances of your betting going out of hand are considerably reduced.

With the help of these cricket betting tips, you will be able to enjoy safe online betting on cricket matches.

Before you actually make an attempt at online cricket betting, it is important that you thoroughly understand cricket betting odds. Without this knowledge, you will never know the risk involved in the online cricket betting rates you make and its potential payoff.

To understand odds at Betfair, 888, Dafabet or any other Sportsbook, it means that it is a determination of how the match will eventually works out. No one can actually determine the outcome of a game; however they can just predict a probable outcome.

Different cricket betting odds
Once the odds of a game are listed, people betting on the favored team place online cricket betting rates at a disadvantage while those who bet on the underdogs are given an edge. This is done to even out the cricket betting rates and to ensure there is equal amount of money placed on all teams.

There are various cricket betting odds to choose from. In case of test matches, bets are placed on either who wins a single match or who wins the entire series. However while betting on cricket test matches, remember that its odds can change over the 5 days of the match and thus prove an intriguing betting spree. The cricket betting odds also change as a one day match progresses. The fast cricketing concept of 20/20 cricket has added more action to the sport and thus is popular in online cricket betting sites.

Different betting options
The simplest cricket betting odds are the win bet ones where punters place bets on who will win any form of cricket match.
No matter which form of cricket game is being played, there are various cricket betting rates you can bet on like the highest opening partnership, most wickets taken and the most sixes in the match.

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